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ASPUR air 4000
Mobile air purifier for rooms up to max. 220 m²
Ideal for schools and large classrooms
ASPUR air 4000

Air purifier for schools and classrooms

Our professionally manufactured air purifier ASPUR air 4000 is optimized for use in schools and large classrooms and is able to filter up to 3600 m³ of air per hour.
With an optimal 6-fold air exchange rate, the air purifier is suitable for room sizes from 20 to max. 220 m². With dimensions of 630 x 650 x 1800 mm, the ASPUR air 4000 is our largest and most powerful device in this series. The mobile air purifier can be conveniently pushed into any corner of a training or classroom.
All ASPUR air models meet the technical requirements for infection protection ventilation in medical areas.
For smaller and medium-sized training and classrooms, we have some more economical air purifiers in our offering: ASPUR air 1000 for rooms up to 90 m² and ASPUR air 2000 for rooms up to 150 m².
Air purifier voc adsorber (schulrooms)
Activated carbon filter
Air purifier HEPA H14 filter (schulrooms)
EN 1822 high efficiency particulate air filter
Air purifier EC motor technology (schulrooms)
IE4/IE5 super premium efficiency
air purifier for schools
Ideal for use in schools and trainings rooms.

Product data air 4000

Item no.



3.390 €


3.890 €

Item code


Standard control stainless steel, on/off switch, differential pressure filter monitoring with red warning light and turn-pot for stepless power control


Professional control with display and variable setting options for all functions. Manual and automatic operation, filter monitoring with automatic adjustment of the volume flow, automatic timer function and motion detector

  optional: CO2 sensor with boost function

*) Net price, excl. VAT

Features & options

Standard version in RAL color 9016

Housing with integrated sound insulation

optional: stainless steel version

optional: individual design

optional: individual configuration  (f.e. CO2 controller)

Order our air purifier for schools & school rooms!



Flow rate (m³/h)

200 - 2800, max. 3600

Voltage (V)


Power consumption (W)

max. 1300

Room size (m²)

20 - 180, max. 220

Sound pressure level (µPa)

30 - 52, max. 54

Negative pressure (Pa)

max. 900

Dimensions (L x W x H mm)

630 x 650 x 1800

Weight (kg)

approx. 92


Technical datasheet  »click here


Exchange rate*

G4 pre-filter fleece

3 - 4 times a year

F9 pre-filter element

within 1 - 2 years

HEPA H14 filter element

within 3 - 4 years

VOC adsorber filter element

within 3 - 4 years

*) These values vary depending on how the device is used


Pricelist replacement filters  »click here
ASPUR purifier air 4000 front door
ASPUR purifier air 4000 - front door
ASPUR purifiers remove

Viruses in schools and schoolrooms

Viruses & bacteria
Viruses & bacteria
Air purifiers safely remove all spores
Germs & spores
Air purifiers remove fine dust
Finest dust & pollen
Air purifiers safely remove all hair
Coarse dust & hair
Air purifiers safely remove all odor particles
Odors particle
Air purifier safely removes smoke
Special features

Features: air purifier schools & schoolrooms

  • 5-stage filtration with integrated HEPA H14 filter element
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Sucks in contaminated air on all four sides (360 degrees)
  • Very quiet continuous operation
  • Mobile unit with high quality industrial castors
  • Optional stainless steel design
  • Housing with integrated sound insulation
  • Standard design in RAL color 9016, individual design on request
  • Different product sizes and capacities available
air purifier for schools
aspire pure air ... with aspur air purifiers!

Advantages for schools & schoolrooms

  • Increased sense of safety for employees, customers and others
  • Clean air for all people in a room
  • Less absenteeism due to illness
  • Greater well-being for allergy and asthma sufferers
  • Integrated HEPA H14 filter (filters particle sizes from 0.001 µm) tested according to DIN EN 1822
  • Activated carbon filter element adsorbs odors
  • Protection against viruses, bacteria and germs
  • Low noise level of the device
air purifier for schoolsrooms made in Germany

aspire pure air ... ... with aspur air purifiers

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ASPUR air purifier is a business unit of ASPUR air solutions. All rights are reserved.
ASPUR air purifier is a business unit of ASPUR air solutions
Imprint   -   Privacy policy   -   designed by reikla Webdesign
Imprint   -   Privacy policy
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