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Device functions

Overview, device functions & features, filtration stages


Air purifier features

All ASPUR air purifier models meet the technical requirements for infection control ventilation in medical areas.
In order to safely filter viruses, bacteria, pollen, spores, germs and other particles hazardous to health, tested filters are used in accordance with the EN 1822 standard. More than 99.995% of all particles are safely separated via the 5 filtration stages and a high-quality High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter (HEPA, type H14). A carbon filter (activated carbon) additionally adsorbs odors. The built-in motor technology and its efficiency meets the most powerful IE4/IE5 industry standard Super Premium Efficency Technology (EC Motor Technology). The housing is also available in stainless steel design and has a very well functioning, integrated sound insulation.
ASPUR air purifier carbon filterASPUR air cleaner HEPA filterASPUR air cleaner EC technology
High quality filtration system through the combination of F9 pre-filter (ISOe PM1 80%) and tested Hepa H14 main filter (ISO 45H) provide safe, durable and effective air purification. The flow rate of the units is continuously adjustable (0-100%).
Our air purifiers are configurable to your individual needs such as electrical control with timer function, motion detector, boost function, CO2 control or even with individual housing design.
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Our air purifiers remove

Air purifier: device features

Air purifiers remove germs
Viruses & bacteria
Air purifiers safely remove all spores
Germs & spores
Air purifiers remove fine dust
Finest dust & pollen
Air purifiers safely remove all hair
Coarse dust & hair
Air purifiers safely remove all odor particles
Odors particle
Air purifier safely removes smoke
Device functions
Air purifier waiting rooms device functions
ASPUR air cleaner control panel

5-stage air filtration

ASPUR air purifiers safely separate particles and odors by 5 different filter stages.
Air purifier doctor's office air filtration

Mechanisms of particle separation

Particle separation takes place via depth filters which, on the one hand, influence the transport of particles to the filter and, on the other hand, the deposition of particles through various separation mechanisms. Filtering takes place as the air flows past the fiber or filter network.
The separation of particles takes place via four different, complementary mechanisms, which, depending on the particle size, act as follows:
1. Sieve effect: As the name suggests, here the filter works like a sieve: particles whose diameter is larger than the distance between the individual fibers get caught in the filter.
2. Barrier effect: Small, light particles follow the air flow. The movement of the particles' centers of mass passes the filter fiber, but so close to the individual fibers that they stick due to adhesion forces.
3. Inertia effect: Larger particles have a higher mass and therefore a higher inertia and follow the airflow with a certain inertia. When the airflow changes direction because it is going around a fiber, the inertia of the particle ensures that it maintains its direction, bouncing against the fiber and sticking there.
4. Diffusion effect: very small particles below 1 micrometer (μm) do not follow the flow lines around the filter fiber. They collide with other molecules on their way to the air stream (Brownian motion) and then change direction, causing them to also collide with individual glass fibers, where they then stick.
The size of the particles is a decisive factor in determining the effect of the individual separation mechanisms. The diffusion effect mainly separates very small, fine particles, while the blocking and inertia effect mainly dominates for particles with a diameter larger than 0.5 µm. With the sieve effect, it is the large particles that are filtered.
Replacement filter

Air purifier filter - overview components

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ASPUR air purifier is a business unit of ASPUR air solutions. All rights are reserved.
ASPUR air purifier is a business unit of ASPUR air solutions
Imprint   -   Privacy policy   -   designed by reikla Webdesign
Imprint   -   Privacy policy
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ASPUR air purifier is a business unit of ASPUR air solutions
Gueglingstrasse 62 - D 73529 Schwaebisch Gmuend - GERMANY
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