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Professional air purifiers
air 4000, air 2000, air 1000
air 1000
ASPUR air purifier for small-midrange rooms
air 2000
ASPUR air purifier for midrange rooms
air 4000
ASPUR air purifier for large rooms
Investing in clean air

Purifier schools and classrooms

Our air purifiers are specially designed and optimized for professional use in combating viruses in the public sector, in hospitals and clinics, in municipalities, in the commercial sector and especially for use in universities, schools, children's gardens and daycare center.
The mobile ASPUR air purifier takes in polluted air close to the floor, filters them out by 5 filter stages (HEPA H14), so that clean and purified air can flow out smoothly at the top of the device.
Simply plug & play. Very compact and quiet. The air purifier was specially developed to safely and completely filter all existing allergens and pathogens from the air.

The safe solution for your hygiene concept.

Invest in schoolrooms & nursery rooms

Air purifier voc adsorber for classrooms
Activated carbon filter
Air purifier HEPA H14 filter (schoolrooms)
EN 1822 high efficiency particulate air filter
Air purifier EC motor technology (kindergarten)
IE4/IE5 super premium efficiency
Air purifier fitness center
Ideally suited for all medical and sensitive recreation rooms

Special features

  • Protects customers, employees and visitors from pathogens
  • Clean and purified air in the rooms
  • Increased sense of safety and well-being of persons present
  • Dust-free air
  • Pollen-free air (especially suitable for allergy and asthma sufferers)
  • Reduction of the risk of infection by viruses, bacteria and germs
  • During ventilation, the fresh air in the room is better distributed by the air flow of the device
Air purifier schools and classrooms

Air purifers also remove viruses

Air purifiers remove viruses and bacteria
Our air purifiers are able to clean the breathing air from the smallest particles, such as corona viruses, germs and the finest dusts. With very fine-pored HEPA filters, the breathing air is cleaned to 99.995%. Allergy sufferers feel this directly and immediately, as the built-in filters reliably filter out even the smallest allergens and pollen.
Air purifiers remove germs
Viren & bacteria
Air purifiers safely remove all spores
Germs & spores
Air purifiers remove fine dust
Finest dust & pollen
Air purifiers safely remove all hair
Coarse dust & hair
Air purifiers safely remove all odor particles
Odor particles
Air purifier safely removes smoke

Application: Air purifier for municipalities

Areas of application
Universities & schools & nurseries
With our air purifiers, we support safe coexistence in schools quickly, efficiently and sustainably.
Restaurants & cafeterias
Take off with clean air. Our air purifiers are compact, mobile and extremely quiet. In addition, you can perfectly adapt the design of the device to your wishes.
Fitness & gym centers
Plug & Play
Switch on, start filtering and breathe deeply. High performance at the touch of a button, with 6 times air change rate per hour and 5 filtration levels.
Open-plan & large offices
Work together safely
When offices reach their limits, we are at your side. Our devices are mobile, compact, quiet and designed for continuous operation, with reliable security.
Commerce & trading
New standards
For enclosed spaces, our air purifiers offer the optimal solution to protect your customers and employees from polluted air. You gain the crucial confidence.
Medical practices & clinics & retirement homes
We use the latest filter technology. This reduces the risk of infection, increases safety and improves the well-being of your guests, patients and employees.
Wellness & Beauty
Quality of life
Nothing is more valuable for your customers and employees. Our compact and aesthetic devices offer the optimal solution for your hygiene concept.

Air purifier commercial, schools & kitas


  • 5-stage filtration with integrated HEPA H14 filter element
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Sucks in contaminated air on all four sides
  • Very quiet continuous operation
  • Mobile units with high quality industrial castors
  • Optional stainless steel design
  • Housing with integrated sound insulation
  • Standard design in RAL color 9016, individual design on request
  • Different product sizes and capacities are available
Air cleaner Made in Germany

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ASPUR air purifier is a business unit of ASPUR air solutions.   All rights are reserved.
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ASPUR air purifier is a business unit of ASPUR air solutions. All rights are reserved.
ASPUR air purifier is a business unit of ASPUR air solutions
Imprint   -   Privacy policy   -   designed by reikla Webdesign
Imprint   -   Privacy policy
esigned by reikla Webdesign

ASPUR air purifier is a business unit of ASPUR air solutions
Gueglingstrasse 62 - D 73529 Schwaebisch Gmuend - GERMANY
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