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Air purifiers made in Germany
Air purifier with HEPA filter: Made In Germany

Air purifier Made In Germany

Our air purifiers are specially designed and optimized for use in combating viruses and germs in normal rooms (up to max. 90 m²), medium-sized (up to max. 150 m²) and for very large rooms (up to max. 220 m²). The mobile ASPUR air purifier takes in polluted air near the floor, cleans it over 5 filter stages. The cleaned air can escape again with little flow at the top of the device.
Simply plug & play. Very compact and quiet. The air purifier was specially developed to safely and completely filter existing viruses and pathogens from the air. Invest in clean air and air purifiers today. The use of our high-quality air purifier significantly reduces the risk of infection for everyone in the room. Air purifier Made In Germany
Air purifier voc adsorber
Activated carbon filter
Air purifier HEPA H14 filter
EN 1822 high efficiency particulate air filter
Air purifier EC motor technology
IE4/IE5 super premium efficiency
ASPUR air purifiers remove

Made In Germany - a German product

Viruses (such as SARS-CoV), bacteria, pollen, spores, germs and other harmful particles.
Filtering is carried out using tested filters according to the EN 1822 standard. More than 99.995% of all particles are safely separated using a very fine-pored HEPA filter of level H14. The cleaning of the room air takes place via 5 coordinated filtration stages. The room air near the floor is sucked in evenly from all four sides (360 degrees) of the air cleaner, so that the aerosols are captured by the device in the best possible way and the wellness or fitness situation is once again supplied with clean air.
Air purifiers remove germs
Viruses & bacteria
Air purifiers safely remove all spores
Germs & spores
Air purifiers remove fine dust
Fine dust & pollen
Air purifiers safely remove all hair
Coarse dust & hair
Air purifiers safely remove all odor particles
Odor particles
Air purifier safely removes smoke
Air purifier Made in Germany
aspire pure air ... with aspur air purifier!
Special features

Air purifier produced in Germany

  • 5-stage filtration with integrated HEPA H14 filter element
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Sucks in contaminated air on all four sides (360 degrees)
  • Very quiet continuous operation
  • Mobile unit with high quality industrial castors
  • Optional stainless steel design
  • Housing with integrated sound insulation
  • Standard design in RAL color 9016, individual design on request
  • Different product sizes and capacities available
Areas of application

Application: Air purifier Made In Germany

Purifier with HEPA H14 filter in fitness centers

Purifier with HEPA H14 filter in trading rooms

Purifier with HEPA H14 filter in open-plan offices

Purifier with HEPA H14 filter in schools

High performance, custom control

Air purifier controller in fitness centers

High performance

We offer devices in different performance classes for different spatial conditions. We use state-of-the-art EC motors that generate higher performance with lower power consumption and run more quietly at the same time.

Effective 5-stage filter technology against viruses and bacteria

High-quality filtering system through the combination of F9 pre-filter (ISOe PM1 80%) and tested Hepa H14 main filter (ISO 45H) ensure safe, long-lasting and effective air purification in classrooms.

Optimized control

Optionally configurable to individual needs. Standard control with filter monitoring and stepless power regulation. Electrical control with timer function, motion detector, boost function and CO2 control can also be configured as an option.

Quiet operations

Thanks to the latest sound insulation technology, the devices generate a noise pressure level of less than 40 db(A) in normal operation. This is the only way to ensure continuous operation and thus effective room air filtration.
Made In Germany

Air purifiers for kindergartens and day-care centers from Germany

Air purifier Made In Germany

Manufactured in Germany by professionals in industrial air technology.

ASPUR air solutions is a company that has 25 years of experience in the manufacture of ventilation systems for industrial use.
Our high-quality extraction and dedusting systems are used successfully in the automotive industry, pharmaceuticals, the food industry, mechanical engineering and many other sectors. The air purifiers are designed in accordance with VDI 6022 and are manufactured in Baden-Württemberg using high-quality components. With our air filters, we offer effective and lasting support for safe cooperation in our schools with small or large classrooms.
The benefits go far beyond emergency aid during the Corona Pandemic. In times of increasing health problems caused by indoor air, high-quality mobile air filters are a very sensible investment, even in the long term.

aspire pure air ... ... with aspur air purifiers

ASPUR air purifier is a business unit of ASPUR air solutions.   All rights are reserved.
Made in

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ASPUR air purifier is a business unit of ASPUR air solutions. All rights are reserved.
ASPUR air purifier is a business unit of ASPUR air solutions
Imprint   -   Privacy policy   -   designed by reikla Webdesign
Imprint   -   Privacy policy
esigned by reikla Webdesign

ASPUR air purifier is a business unit of ASPUR air solutions
Gueglingstrasse 62 - D 73529 Schwaebisch Gmuend - GERMANY
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