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Protection against corona in schools: ventilation or use of air purifiers

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Protection against Corona: Ventilation or use of air purifiers in schools
Article from "Das Deutsche Schulportal" from 07/13/2021, updated on 02/11/2022

How can teaching be safe in the new school year?
How can the spread of the coronavirus through the air in the classroom be prevented? At the beginning of the 2020/2021 school year, there were already calls for air purifiers in schools - especially when temperatures dropped and forced ventilation every 20 minutes proved impractical. However, many federal states are still lagging behind when it comes to air purification devices. And there is no agreement on what is more useful - ventilation or air filter. The school portal answers the most important questions about ventilation and the use of air purifiers. And how is your school equipped with air filters? The results of our survey are sobering.

An additional 200 million EUROs were made available for the purchase of mobile purifiers in rooms that are difficult to ventilate, for example because windows can only be tilted open.

So far, only a few classrooms are equipped with air purifiers.
In order to counteract the further spread of the corona virus and to ensure safe school operations, many experts believe that air filters or air purification devices are essential. Others rely primarily on a good ventilation strategy and see mobile air filters as just a supplement.

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