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Professional air purifiers developed (journal of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce)

ASPUR air purifiers
Professional air purifiers developed
ASPUR Air Solutions
Press article in the IHK magazine - Economy in East Württemberg - issue March 10, 2021 - page 18

The company ASPUR air solutions in Waldstetten is a manufacturer of industrial, ventilation filter devices and systems. Managing Director Joachim Ringler: "With our know-how, we have now developed professional air purifiers to make an important contribution to significantly reducing the contamination of viruses and pollutants in rooms."

Devices with air volume flows of 1000, 2000 and 4000 m³/h were brought onto the market via the subsidiary aspur-air. The models air 1000, air 2000 and air 4000 are equipped with a five-stage filter system in accordance with DIN EN 1822. Ringler: “The HEPA H14 filters used with a separation efficiency of 99.995 percent reliably filter out viruses and the finest particles. In addition, downstream activated carbon filters adsorb harmful gas molecules from the air.”

The ASPUR air purifiers are compact and only require 0.25m², 0.36m² or 0.49m² of installation space. The filters used come from the industrial filter technology used in clean rooms. In order to actually be able to achieve the H14 filter performance, the actual filter surface must be taken into account. If the filter surface load is too high (i.e. air quantity too large or filter dimensioned too small), the HEPA quality can no longer be achieved under certain circumstances.

ASPUR room air purifiers are suitable as individual devices for air purifiing in room sizes of approx. 60m², 120m² and 240m². According to Ringler, several devices can of course be set up in parallel to effectively filter air in larger rooms. The filter control automatically adjusts the power to the specified value and reports if the filter is clogged. ASPUR air purifiers are plug and play devices and can be put into operation immediately. www.aspur.de

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